1 December 1987 Integrating Sphere Transmissometer For Field Measurement Of Leaf Transmittance
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A simple field-rated transmissometer is described for rapidly determining the normal hemispherical transmittance T(0°, 2) of leaves measured in situ in the four Landsat wavelength bands. The transmissometer requires direct solar illumination of the leaf sample. It collects the transmitted light with an integrating sphere and measures the collected light using a commercially available radiometer. The transmittances determined by the transmissometer are comparable with those measured by a laboratory spectrophotometer with an integrating sphere attachment.
V. C. Vanderbilt, V. C. Vanderbilt, D. P. DeWitt, D. P. DeWitt, B. F. Robinson, B. F. Robinson, } "Integrating Sphere Transmissometer For Field Measurement Of Leaf Transmittance," Optical Engineering 26(12), 261291 (1 December 1987). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7977154 . Submission:

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