1 March 1987 Evaluation Of An Indium Antimonide Hybrid Focal Plane Array For Ground-Based Infrared Astronomy
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A new hybrid infrared array sensitive in the 1 to 5µm spectral region has recently become generally available to the astronomy community. It is a composite (hybrid) array using photovoltaic indium antimonide detector material bump-bonded to a silicon substrate that contains the MOS direct readout multiplexer. This paper describes the array, its operation, and preliminary results on quantum efficiency, dark cur-rent, noise, linearity, cosmic ray response, and imaging characteristics as they apply to ground-based astronomy. The tests were performed on an engineering device since scientific devices are not yet available. Based on our results, we believe that this array and others like it will affect infrared astronomy to an even greater extent than CCDs affected optical astronomy in the mid-1970s.
A. M. Fowler, R. G. Probst, J. P. Britt, R. R. Joyce, F. C. Gillett, "Evaluation Of An Indium Antimonide Hybrid Focal Plane Array For Ground-Based Infrared Astronomy," Optical Engineering 26(3), 263232 (1 March 1987). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7974056 . Submission:


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