1 April 1987 Map Data Processing: Recognition Of Lines And Symbols
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A typical geographical map consists of a large number of lines and symbols representing various physical entities and their spatial relationships. The design of a computer-based system to automatically extract information from a map and answer queries is a challenging task that requires an intelligent query processor and a sophisticated image analysis system. One of the tasks of the image analysis system is recognition of symbols and lines. In this paper we describe simple line tracking and symbol identification routines. The routines are capable of tracking various types of lines (continuous, broken, intersecting) and symbols having simple geometrical shapes.
Tushar J. Amin, Tushar J. Amin, Rangachar Kasturi, Rangachar Kasturi, } "Map Data Processing: Recognition Of Lines And Symbols," Optical Engineering 26(4), 264354 (1 April 1987). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7974079 . Submission:

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