1 June 1987 Fiber Optic Pulsed Laser Delivery For Remote Measurements
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The results of a research program on the delivery of high-peak-power laser light via fiber optics are presented. We discuss the influence of the host medium and the optical signals on the choice of fiber materials, complemented by a consideration of the measurement environment's effects on the quality of the data. We pay close attention to the choice of input/output beam/fiber coupling optics, nonlinear processes in the core, measurement system noise, and baseline drifts. Useful discussions of pulsed laser damage to optical fibers and data for optimization of a given fiber optic laser beam delivery system are given. As an example, details are given of the optical and instrumentational aspects of a particular fiber optic system developed for remote sensing of pressures and temperatures of UF6 gas in an operating advanced gas centrifuge.
S. W. Allison, S. W. Allison, M. R. Cates, M. R. Cates, G. T. Gillies, G. T. Gillies, B. W. Noel, B. W. Noel, } "Fiber Optic Pulsed Laser Delivery For Remote Measurements," Optical Engineering 26(6), 266538 (1 June 1987). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7974112 . Submission:

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