1 June 1987 Book Reviews
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Over the years, beginning with the observation of one- and two-magnon light scattering in FeF2 by Fleury et al., light scattering has proved very fruitful in investigating excitations in magnetic systems. While many fine reviews of the subject have appeared, including a chapter in the book by Hayes and Loudon, none has been as comprehensive as this volume, in which scattering from ferromagnets, antiferromagnets, impure systems, and surfaces is treated in great detail. An indication of the overage provided is the chapter one one-magnon scattering in antiferromagnets, in which there are three detailed and well-organized subdivisions on simple antiferromagnets, canted systems, and metamagnets. The authors have been active contributors to experimental and theoretical develpments in the field.
Joseph L. Horner, Joseph L. Horner, Paul R. Yoder, Paul R. Yoder, } "Book Reviews," Optical Engineering 26(6), 266562 (1 June 1987). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7974116 . Submission:

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