1 August 1987 Lick Observatory Charge-Coupled-Device Data Acquisition System
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The Lick Observatory CCD data acquisition system is described, with some observational results to illustrate the system capability. The electronics for the CCD are subdivided into those attached to the dewar, a "smart" controller near the dewar, and a computer connected by serial link to the smart controller. Software for the controller is in assembler code, while the software for data acquisition and on-line analysis is written in C and uses the UNIX operating system. The computers and controllers are programmed to recognize and operate several different types of CCD. Three separate instruments that use the CCDs are described briefly, together with examples of the data they produce.
L. B. Robinson, L. B. Robinson, R. J. Stover, R. J. Stover, J. Osborne, J. Osborne, J. S. Miller, J. S. Miller, S. S. Vogt, S. S. Vogt, S. L. Allen, S. L. Allen, } "Lick Observatory Charge-Coupled-Device Data Acquisition System," Optical Engineering 26(8), 268795 (1 August 1987). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7974151 . Submission:

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