1 September 1987 Charge-Coupled-Device-Based Imaging Polarimeter For Astronomy
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Using a thinned, three-phase Texas Instruments 800 X800 CCD (T1 3PCCD) and inexpensive plastic Polaroid material, we have constructed an imaging polarimeter for astronomical data collection. A unique method of image shifting, shuttering, and Polaroid rotation enables us to circumvent the sky transmission fluctuations that normally plague polarimetry. The method is possible only because of the exceedingly low dark current and exceedingly high charge-transfer efficiency of this CCD. Our observations of standard polarimetry stars have verified the operation of our imaging polarimeter and have demonstrated that polarimetry can be accurately performed below the 1% polarization level with well-behaved CCDs.
Dan P. Clemens, Robert W. Leach, "Charge-Coupled-Device-Based Imaging Polarimeter For Astronomy," Optical Engineering 26(9), 269923 (1 September 1987). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7974172 . Submission:

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