1 January 1988 Coherent Optical Radar
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A coherent optical radar is described. The transmitter is a continuous wave (cw) carbon dioxide laser scanned over a 25 mrad x 25 mrad field of view. Radiation scattered by targets within the field is coherently detected by the system, allowing Doppler shifts to be measured. After processing, the detected signals are displayed on a monitor, with target velocity colour coded. Examples of the images obtained to date are given, along with typical detector output signals. The results of some preliminary work on frequency-modulated continuous wave techniques, which allow both target range and velocity to be extracted, are also given.
William Alexander, David L. Clark, Corrine A. Stewart, "Coherent Optical Radar," Optical Engineering 27(1), 270111 (1 January 1988). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7976635 . Submission:

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