1 October 1988 Large-Aperture, Long-Path Interferometer For Measuring Transient Thermal Fields
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This paper discusses the principles of a large-aperture, long-path interferometer consisting of two mirrors. Its merits include a characteristic of differential interference, a relatively relaxed requirement on optical material, high resistance to disturbance and vibration, and high accuracy of fringe location. It can operate in such adverse circumstances as an explosion field, a rocket exhaust plume field, and other transient processes. Interferograms of various flames, of the near-field structure of a rocket exhaust plume, and of a shock wave field are obtained with this interferometer.
Anzhi He, Anzhi He, Dapeng Yan, Dapeng Yan, Xiaowu Ni, Xiaowu Ni, } "Large-Aperture, Long-Path Interferometer For Measuring Transient Thermal Fields," Optical Engineering 27(10), 271041 (1 October 1988). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7976773 . Submission:

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