1 November 1988 Fiber-Optic Crossbar Switch With Broadcast Capability
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An all-optical fiber-optic crossbar switch capable of interconnecting N input fibers to M output fibers with an arbitrary interconnect pattern has been constructed. The switch can use any 1-D or 2-D spatial light modulator capable of realizing N X M pixels and can be configured for permutations, full or partial broadcast, or "wired-oring" of several inputs to a given output. Values of N and M achievable depend on the light efficiency of the switch components and the data rate. A 4X4 switch has been built; in a computer switching environment, the approach is capable of realizing a 16 X16 switch at 1 Gb/s and a 32 X32 switch at >100 Mb/s. The development of the switch has included construction of both a PLZT switch array and a magneto-optic switch array. We report on the investigations of both technologies. Reconfiguration times in the range of a few microseconds to a few tens of microseconds are of interest. A reconfiguration time shorter than 20 ps was actually achieved.
Antonio R. Dias, Antonio R. Dias, Robert F. Kalman, Robert F. Kalman, Joseph W. Goodman, Joseph W. Goodman, Alexander A. Sawchuk, Alexander A. Sawchuk, } "Fiber-Optic Crossbar Switch With Broadcast Capability," Optical Engineering 27(11), 271155 (1 November 1988). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7976793 . Submission:


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