1 December 1988 Optical Design
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"Why do you have to keep designing new lenses? Aren't they all designed?" (see Hopkins p. 1019). This question is one of the reasons for having a special issue on Optical Design. The optical designer's answer is very simple: No, not all lenses have been designed yet! In fact, each day we encounter new problems requiring optical solutions that truly test our understanding and ingenuity. We are being asked to design systems in response to telecommunications needs and consumer products. We also design systems for research in physics, geology, astronomy, and medicine. Perhaps it is because lenses are used as tools for other's work, that their design is sometimes not appreciated.
Carmina Londono, Jon E. Van Tassell, "Optical Design," Optical Engineering 27(12), 121017 (1 December 1988). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7978668 . Submission:

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