1 December 1988 Vibrational Testing Of An X-Ray Concentrator By Holographic Interferometry
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This paper deals with the structural analysis of the optical system of four sets of coaxial mirror concentrators planned for the Italian Satellite for X-ray Astronomy (SAX). Possible damage to the grazing incidence optical surfaces could be induced by the harsh environment during launch, so holographic nondestructive testing was adopted to obtain reliable data about amplitude and shape of the vibrational modes at some critical expected frequencies (from 1 to I 500 Hz). Computer simulation carried out by the finite element approach showed good agreement with holographic analysis in both resonance frequencies and mode shaping, so it is possible to complete the simulation with the attenuation factor obtained from holographic measurements.
P. Delvo, P. Delvo, M. L. Rizzi, M. L. Rizzi, } "Vibrational Testing Of An X-Ray Concentrator By Holographic Interferometry," Optical Engineering 27(12), 121072 (1 December 1988). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7978680 . Submission:

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