1 February 1988 Long-Distance Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry
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Electronic speckle pattern interferometry has been used to measure the vibrations and deformations of objects located far from the optical head. Vibration recordings were made for a total path-length difference of up to 200 m with the object outdoors in bright sunshine. This limit was determined by practical considerations. For deformation recordings, turbulence and mechanical instabilities create a problem, and a more realistic limit is a path-length difference of about 50 m under stable, indoor conditions.
Ole J. Lokberg, Ole J. Lokberg, Jan T. Malmo, Jan T. Malmo, } "Long-Distance Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry," Optical Engineering 27(2), 272150 (1 February 1988). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7976660 . Submission:
-149 PAGES

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