1 September 1988 Implementation Of Optical Path Length And Tilt Control In A Phased Array System
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Optical Engineering, 27(9), 279712 (1988). doi:10.1117/12.7976749
A description is presented of a system designed to control the path length and tilt components of the optical wavefronts in a multiple-aperture transmitting system. The system has been implemented in the three-telescope Phasar testbed at the Air Force Weapons Laboratory. The system hardware and software are described, and measurements of the system performance are presented. The measurements indicate that under laboratory conditions the current system can maintain an optical path length difference between pairs of telescopes of approximately X/15 and a tilt control error on each telescope of about 40 nrads. The band-widths of the path length control and tilt control subsystems have been measured at 130 Hz and 950 Hz, respectively.
David G. Voelz, David A. Russell, Patricia J. Wallentine, Richard A. Carreras, "Implementation Of Optical Path Length And Tilt Control In A Phased Array System," Optical Engineering 27(9), 279712 (1 September 1988). http://dx.doi.org/10.1117/12.7976749

Control systems

Phased array optics

Phased arrays


Control systems design

Error control coding



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