1 September 1988 Design Of A Wide Field Of View Phased Array Telescope
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The design of the Multipurpose Multiple Telescope Testbed (MMTT) is described. The MMTT, whose construction is now nearly complete, is believed to be the first wide field of view phased array imaging telescope. The design philosophy and alignment requirements are discussed and the telescope is described. The array consists of four 20 cm telescopes and operates with visible light. The coherently combined image has a 30 arcmin field of view. A key design goal is the maintenance of lateral pupil geometry to within 1µm of the ideal. Two mirrors behind each afocal telescope combine the four beams into one and are actuated to control both tilt and piston. Together, the two beam combiner mirrors control lateral pupil geometry. A control system senses the lateral pupil geometry error by continuously measuring piston phase changes over the telescope field of view. A discrete time varying Kalman filter then processes these measurements to estimate lateral pupil geometry errors.
Christopher R. De Hainaut, Christopher R. De Hainaut, Karl P. Hentz, Karl P. Hentz, Lawrence D. Weaver, Lawrence D. Weaver, John D. Gonglewski, John D. Gonglewski, "Design Of A Wide Field Of View Phased Array Telescope," Optical Engineering 27(9), 279736 (1 September 1988). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7976753


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