1 September 1988 Impulse Response Of A Multiaperture Vision System Eyelet
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Optical Engineering, 27(9), 279775 (1988). doi:10.1117/12.7976760
Multiaperture vision systems are of interest in the area of robotic vision. A facsimile of the insect eye may be as useful for transmitting information to robotics as conventional cameras, which are analogous to the human eye. A physical model of one multiaperture vision system, the insect apposition ommatidia, has been successfully constructed. To provide an understanding of the multiaperture vision system, the impulse response of a single eyelet, or ommatidium, was developed. Experimental measurements of the impulse response were found to closely match theoretical results.
Ron Driggers, Carl Halford, Roy Walters, "Impulse Response Of A Multiaperture Vision System Eyelet," Optical Engineering 27(9), 279775 (1 September 1988). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7976760

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