1 January 1989 Analysis Of Complex Input Images For Matched Filter Construction
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The storage capacity of a matched filter array can be increased by superposing a number of target diffraction patterns at each individual location in the corresponding multiple holographic lens array during matched filter fabrication. All required target orientations and scale size views can be accommodated in this manner. The Fourier transform properties of coherently added target diffraction patterns are described in this paper. The composite input image for coherent addition of Fourier patterns consists of rotated and translated target views. The Fourier transform of the composite input is derived, and several properties are described. When the target array has radial symmetry, matched filter optimization can be easily carried out.
Kenneth G. Leib, Kenneth G. Leib, Benjamin J. Pernick, Benjamin J. Pernick, } "Analysis Of Complex Input Images For Matched Filter Construction," Optical Engineering 28(1), 280101 (1 January 1989). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7976892 . Submission:


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