1 January 1989 Infrared/Millimeter Wave Common-Aperture Optics
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A catadioptric Cassegrain optical system is described that permits simultaneous operation as an infrared (IR) imager and a millimeter wave (MMW) radar through a common aperture. Separation of IR and MMW focal points is achieved by use of suitable dichroic coatings and substrate materials. We have evaluated our design by building a prototype and measuring its performance in the laboratory, with particular attention given to isolating the degradation suffered by each mode due to the presence of the other. We present our test results and conclude from an analysis of the data that although our design is feasible, improvements are needed both in the design of the secondary element and in the technology for conductive dichroic coatings.
E. T. Benser, E. T. Benser, J. Allen Cox, J. Allen Cox, H. B. French, H. B. French, } "Infrared/Millimeter Wave Common-Aperture Optics," Optical Engineering 28(1), 280114 (1 January 1989). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7976894 . Submission:

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