1 December 1989 Dammann Gratings For Laser Beam Shaping
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Dammann gratings are binary phase gratings that are used to produce a one- or two-dimensional array of equal-intensity light spots. Recently, Dammann gratings have become of interest for their ability to provide the optical power supply to an array of optical logic devices from a single laser source. We present here a feasibility study of Dammann gratings, in which we consider several parameters that are important for the computation and fabrication of the gratings. As a result of this investigation we conclude that Dammann gratings are useful for array sizes up to about 40 x 40 spots. Above that size, problems with the computation of the gratings and with the resolution become dominant.
J. Jahns, J. Jahns, M. M. Downs, M. M. Downs, M. E. Prise, M. E. Prise, N. Streibi, N. Streibi, S. J. Walker, S. J. Walker, } "Dammann Gratings For Laser Beam Shaping," Optical Engineering 28(12), 281267 (1 December 1989). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7977142 . Submission:


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