1 May 1989 Contrast-Computing Darkroom Exposure Meter
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A darkroom exposure meter has been designed to compute from a single measurement sequence both the exposure time and the paper contrast necessary to accept the full tonal scale of the negative. The photographer moves a phototransistor probe across the projected image to sample all areas that are to show gradation in the finished print. A microcomputer accepts the digitized probe output, compares the whole range of readings with paper characteristics stored in its memory, and calculates contrast grade and exposure time. A prototype constructed on this basis has demonstrated the feasibility of this concept. Such a device can greatly improve darkroom productivity.
Waldemar H. Lehn, Waldemar H. Lehn, R. H. Cook, R. H. Cook, } "Contrast-Computing Darkroom Exposure Meter," Optical Engineering 28(5), 285544 (1 May 1989). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7976995 . Submission:

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