1 June 1989 Broadband Imaging With Holographic Lenses
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Broadband imaging systems that contain holographic lenses can be lightweight and have large apertures. We report a Fresnel diffraction analysis of an imaging system that consists of three lenses of arbitrary dispersion. A general solution is found for the wavelength dependence of the lenses to simultaneously correct the imaging system for both longitudinal and lateral paraxial chromatic aberration. As a special case, we describe an optical system that uses holographic lenses to produce a well-corrected image in broadband light. Experimental results that demonstrate the system performance in both laser and broadband illumination are reported.
Dean Faklis, Dean Faklis, G Michael Morris, G Michael Morris, } "Broadband Imaging With Holographic Lenses," Optical Engineering 28(6), 286592 (1 June 1989). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7977006 . Submission:

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