1 August 1989 Architectures For Focal Plane Image Processing
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Architectures for focal plane image processing are discussed. On-chip image preprocessing for solid-state imagers using analog CCD circuits is described for low, medium, and high density detector arrays. A spatially parallel architecture for low density, high throughput applications is described. For sparse illumination or event detection, a content-addressable architecture is proposed. A new pipelined vector pixel processor architecture for medium density infrared staring focal plane arrays is described. Neighborhood reconstruction during serial readout of high density TV-quality imagers for a pixel processor is considered using delay and analog frame memory techniques. The potential of on-chip read/write analog frame memory for image transformation and frame-to-frame processing is discussed.
Eric R. Fossum, Eric R. Fossum, } "Architectures For Focal Plane Image Processing," Optical Engineering 28(8), 288865 (1 August 1989). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7977048 . Submission:

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