1 September 1989 Pipelined Microcomputers For Digital Signal And Image Processing
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A multiple microcomputer system for digital signal and image processing applications is presented. A simple ring structure is employed to organize the multiple microcomputers. The data flow in the ring structure is unidirectional. A task can be partitioned and distributed among the microcomputers, making possible pipelined execution of a task. Implementation with the use of the TMS32010 signal processing CPU and IBM PC is demonstrated. A design to ensure the program synchronization is also shown. Algorithms for carrying out infinite impulse response filtering, the fast Fourier transform, and the McClellan transform method of 2-D finite impulse response filters are developed. Experimental results are presented.
Brain K. Lien, Gregory Y. Tang, "Pipelined Microcomputers For Digital Signal And Image Processing," Optical Engineering 28(9), 289943 (1 September 1989). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7977066 . Submission:

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