1 September 1989 Calibration Of An Omnidirectional Vision Navigation System Using An Industrial Robot
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The characteristics of an omnidirectional vision navigation system were studied to determine position accuracy for the navigation and path control of a mobile robot. Experiments for calibration and other parameters were performed using an industrial robot to conduct repetitive motions. The accuracy and repeatability of the experimental setup and the alignment between the robot and the sensor provided errors of less than 1 pixel on each axis. Linearity between zenith angle and image location was tested at four different locations. Angular error of less than 1° and radial error of less than 1 pixel were observed at moderate speed variations. The experimental information and the test of coordinated operation of the equipment provide understanding of characteristics as well as insight into the evaluation and improvement of the prototype dynamic omnivision system. The calibration of the sensor is important since the accuracy of navigation influences the accuracy of robot motion. This sensor system is currently being developed for a robot lawn mower; however, wider applications are obvious. The significance of this work is that it adds to the knowledge of the omnivision sensor.
Sung Jun Oh, Sung Jun Oh, Ernest L. Hall, Ernest L. Hall, } "Calibration Of An Omnidirectional Vision Navigation System Using An Industrial Robot," Optical Engineering 28(9), 289955 (1 September 1989). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7977068 . Submission:


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