1 January 1990 Digital simulation of frequency modulation reticles
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Digital simulation is needed for the analysis of the detector signal produced in an optical tracking system by a frequency modulation (FM) reticle that manipulates a target image of any possible shape By introducing a model in which the image spot is divided into arcuate strips, we develop a system of matrix operations for the digital simulation of the detector signal. By applying this method to examples of various spot shapes, such as disk and coma, we show its capabilityfor handling the digital simulation of FM reticles operated in connection with arbitrarily shaped images
Zu Wen Chao, Zu Wen Chao, Jih-Liang Chu, Jih-Liang Chu, } "Digital simulation of frequency modulation reticles," Optical Engineering 29(1), (1 January 1990). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.55559 . Submission:

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