1 November 1990 Agile beam steering using binary optics microlens arrays
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Agile steering of a helium-neon laser beam (?= 632.8 nm) has been demonstrated using a complementary pair of 5-cm-aperture binary optic microlens arrays in the Galilean telescope geometry. Segmentation of a collimated input beam by illuminating approximately 60,000 /5 microlenses of 200-?m diameter and parabolic phase profile results in nearly aberration free beam steering over an 1 1° field of view for ±100- pm lateral displacements of one array relative to the other. Wavefront quality and steering efficiency of the deflected beam has been measured as a function of steering angle and is compared to a simple theoretical model.
William C. Goltsos, Michael Holz, "Agile beam steering using binary optics microlens arrays," Optical Engineering 29(11), (1 November 1990). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.55743 . Submission:

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