1 November 1990 Digital processing of Young's fringes in speckle photography
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A new technique for fully automatic diffraction fringe measurement in pointwise analysis of speckle photographs is presented. The fringe orientation and spacing are initially estimated with the help of a 1-D fast Fourier transform (FFT). A 2-D convolution filter is then applied to enhance the estimated image. A fringe pattern with high signal-to-noise ratio is achieved, which makes feasible precise determination of the displacement components. The halo effect is also optimally eliminated in a new way by a halo-division technique. High reliability and accurate determination of displacement components are achieved over a wide range of fringe densities, with the computation time comparing favorably with those for the 2-D autocorrelation method and the iterative 2-D FFT method.
Duan-Jun Chen, Duan-Jun Chen, Fu-Pen Chiang, Fu-Pen Chiang, } "Digital processing of Young's fringes in speckle photography," Optical Engineering 29(11), (1 November 1990). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.55730 . Submission:

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