1 November 1990 Off-axis phase-only filter for pattern recognition
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A new kind of amplitude-encoded phase-only filter (AE POF) is presented. The interference of the Fourier phase value with a tilted plane reference wave encodes the pure Fourier phase information of the object wave and results in an off-axis phase-only filter (OA POF). After the binarization step the filter function is recorded directly into the recording medium in final size using a laser scanner. Comparing them with the conventional matched filter, the conventional phase-only filter, and the AE POF, as well as their binary versions, we discuss the performances of OA POFs (OA BPOFs), present computer simulations, and demonstrate experimental results.
Qing Tang, Qing Tang, Erwin Jaeger, Erwin Jaeger, Theo T. Tschudi, Theo T. Tschudi, "Off-axis phase-only filter for pattern recognition," Optical Engineering 29(11), (1 November 1990). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.55731

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