1 February 1990 Display of wide dynamic range infrared images from PtSi Schottky barrier cameras
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Twelve-bit digitized images taken with PtSi Schottky barrier detector arrays have been processed on Sun work stations. Two techniques for 8-bit global display are compared: the standard method of histogram equalization and a newly devised technique of histogram projection. The latter assigns equal dynamic range to each occupied level, while the former does so according to the density of the occupied levels. The projection technique generally gives distinctly superior results based on an extensive set of indoor, outdoor, day, and night imagery. For cases in which the two algorithms have complementary advantages, the techniques can be combined in effect by a weighting of their distribution functions, which often gives the desirable features of each. The new projection algorithm also can be used as a powerful and robust local contrast enhancement technique. An alternative method of contrast enhancement, a global algorithm based on modular (sawtooth) displays, affords a comparable degree of enhancement at less computational cost.
Jerry Silverman, Jerry Silverman, Jonathan Martin Mooney, Jonathan Martin Mooney, Virgil E. Vickers, Virgil E. Vickers, } "Display of wide dynamic range infrared images from PtSi Schottky barrier cameras," Optical Engineering 29(2), (1 February 1990). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.55576 . Submission:


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