1 March 1990 Surface-emitting microlasers for photonic switching and interchip connections
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Optical Engineering, 29(3), (1990). doi:10.1117/12.55593
Vertical-cavity electrically pumped surface-emitting microlasers are formed on GaAs substrates at densities greater than two million per square centimeter. Two wafers were grown with ln0.2Ga0.8As active material composing three 80 ? thick quantum wells in one and a single quantum well (SQW) 100 ? thick in the other. Lasing was seen in devices as small as 1 .5 ?m diameter with <0.05 ?m3 active material. SQW microlasers 5 x 5 ?m square had room-temperature cw current thresholds as low as 1.5 mA with 983 nm output wavelength. 10 x 10 ?m square SQW microlasers were modulated by a pseudorandom bit generator at 1 Gb/s with less than 10-10 bit error rate. Pulsed output >170 mW was obtained from a 100?m square device. The laser output passes through the nominally transparent substrate and out its back side, a configuration well suited for micro-optic integration and photonic switching and interchip connections.
Jack L. Jewell, Yong H. Lee, Axel Scherer, Samuel L. McCall, N. Anders Olsson, James P. Harbison, Leigh T. Florez, "Surface-emitting microlasers for photonic switching and interchip connections," Optical Engineering 29(3), (1 March 1990). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.55593

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