1 March 1990 Surface-emitting microlasers for photonic switching and interchip connections
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Vertical-cavity electrically pumped surface-emitting microlasers are formed on GaAs substrates at densities greater than two million per square centimeter. Two wafers were grown with ln0.2Ga0.8As active material composing three 80 ? thick quantum wells in one and a single quantum well (SQW) 100 ? thick in the other. Lasing was seen in devices as small as 1 .5 ?m diameter with <0.05 ?m3 active material. SQW microlasers 5 x 5 ?m square had room-temperature cw current thresholds as low as 1.5 mA with 983 nm output wavelength. 10 x 10 ?m square SQW microlasers were modulated by a pseudorandom bit generator at 1 Gb/s with less than 10-10 bit error rate. Pulsed output >170 mW was obtained from a 100?m square device. The laser output passes through the nominally transparent substrate and out its back side, a configuration well suited for micro-optic integration and photonic switching and interchip connections.
Jack L. Jewell, Jack L. Jewell, Yong H. Lee, Yong H. Lee, Axel Scherer, Axel Scherer, Samuel L. McCall, Samuel L. McCall, N. Anders Olsson, N. Anders Olsson, James P. Harbison, James P. Harbison, Leigh T. Florez, Leigh T. Florez, "Surface-emitting microlasers for photonic switching and interchip connections," Optical Engineering 29(3), (1 March 1990). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.55593 . Submission:

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