1 April 1990 Strain in microcrystals and in superlattices
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A new general theory of the dependence of strain on crystal size L for defect-free cubic materials bounded by {100} faces is presented. While current theories predict a (?/L) dependence, this work suggests a (F/L)½ dependence by considering both surface tension (?) and surface free energy (6FL2) effects. Since small crystals, especially if very fresh or not annealed, may contain a large fraction of point defects, the sizedependent strain must be separated from the defect-induced strain. The theory is verified by reinterpreting three experimental studies reported in the literature and based on the techniques of electron microscopy, x-ray diffraction, and nuclear magnetic resonance. The theory offers a straightforward explanation for the extra longitudinal strain in superlattices, as detected by Raman spectroscopy.
Luigi Giacomo Conti, Luigi Giacomo Conti, } "Strain in microcrystals and in superlattices," Optical Engineering 29(4), (1 April 1990). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.55596 . Submission:

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