1 August 1990 Rotation algorithm artifacts in stereoscopic images
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We examine the effect of using rotations for generation of the left- and right-eye perspective views of a stereoscopic image. We show that this approach to stereoscopic display of perspective views results in vertical parallax between the left- and right-eye views and we present an analytic expression that characterizes this parallax in terms of the center of rotation, the location of the image plane, and the angle of rotation. We also derive an analytic expression that shows that the rotation of the perspective views results in a semicylindrical stereo window with center at approximately (0, 0, R/2) and radius R/2, where R is the distance from the center of rotation to the center of projection. When this semicylindrical window is mapped to a flat display surface, relative depth relationships can be distorted.
Larry F. Hodges, Larry F. Hodges, David F. McAllister, David F. McAllister, } "Rotation algorithm artifacts in stereoscopic images," Optical Engineering 29(8), (1 August 1990). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.55664 . Submission:

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