1 September 1965 The Use of Characteristic Vectors In Photo-Optical Analysis
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Characteristic vector analysis provides a statistical method for describing a set of physical data. These mathematics are interesting because they tend to collapse the information into a compact, meaningful form; because they easily adapt to digital computer processing; because they have an inherent flexibility which allows their extension to a wide variety of physical problems. This paper reviews the basic logic of the technique, suggests an alternative computational procedure and outlines several areas in photo-optics where characteristic vector analysis may profitably be applied. Although qualitative aspects of the subject are the primary concern, some time will be devoted to an exposition of the operational mathematics.
Ronald J. LaVallee, Ronald J. LaVallee, "The Use of Characteristic Vectors In Photo-Optical Analysis," Optical Engineering 3(6), 306221 (1 September 1965). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971297 . Submission:

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