1 September 1965 Applications of Laser Beam Scanning Systems Employing Ultrasonic Techniques
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The special properties of lasers have stimulated study of many types of laser beam scanning devices. Recent development of ultrasonic light scanning cells as laser beam deflectors suggests many new areas of application such as active optical imaging, high brightness CRT-type displays, acoustic angle sensing and beam steering, search and identification, pattern recognition and terrain clearance. Following a brief review of laser beam deflection theory a system will be described which provides a laser beam scan which can be electronically controlled and programmed at video rates.
Robert K. Erf, Robert K. Erf, } "Applications of Laser Beam Scanning Systems Employing Ultrasonic Techniques," Optical Engineering 3(6), 306226 (1 September 1965). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971298 . Submission:

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