1 January 1991 Airborne lidar for profiling of surface topography
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A lidar system is described that measures laser pulse time-off-light and the distortion of the pulse waveform for reflection from Earth surface terrain features. This instrument system is mounted on a highaltitude aircraft platform and operated in a repetitively pulsed mode for measurements of surface elevation profiles. The laser transmitter makes use of recently developed short-pulse diode-pumped solid-state laser technology. Aircraft position in three dimensions is measured to submeter accuracy by use of differential Global Positioning System receivers. Instrument construction and performance are detailed.
Jack L. Bufton, Jack L. Bufton, James B. Garvin, James B. Garvin, John F. Cavanaugh, John F. Cavanaugh, Luis A. Ramos-Izquierdo, Luis A. Ramos-Izquierdo, Thomas D. Clem, Thomas D. Clem, William B. Krabill, William B. Krabill, } "Airborne lidar for profiling of surface topography," Optical Engineering 30(1), (1 January 1991). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.55770 . Submission:

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