1 January 1991 Design and performance of a 100 inch lidar facility
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A lidar system based on the 100 in. optical collimator at Wright- Patterson Air Force Base has been developed for middle atmosphere studies. The system has been demonstrated by recording Rayleigh backscatter returns from mesospheric air molecules at altitudes up to 90 km. These returns were then used to develop atmospheric density profiles. The design of the system provided several unique engineering challenges due to the long focal length and size of the collimator used as the receiver telescope. Careful optical engineering in the receiver and an innovative, modular approach led to a design that eliminates potential problems due to defocus, detector nonuniformity, and detector saturation.
David W. Roberts, David W. Roberts, Gary G. Gimmestad, Gary G. Gimmestad, Allen K. Garrison, Allen K. Garrison, Edward M. Patterson, Edward M. Patterson, Susan C. Gimmestad, Susan C. Gimmestad, J. Michael Cathcart, J. Michael Cathcart, Raymond C. DuVarney, Raymond C. DuVarney, Gerald W. Grams, Gerald W. Grams, Jan M. Servaites, Jan M. Servaites, "Design and performance of a 100 inch lidar facility," Optical Engineering 30(1), (1 January 1991). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.55774 . Submission:

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