1 January 1991 Subsurface flaw detection in reflective materials by thermal transfer imaging
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A thermal imaging apparatus is described for the nondestructive detection of subsurface defects in materials that would not usually lend themselves to thermal imaging because of their low emissivity and high susceptibility to background reflection noise. This is accomplished by transferring the thermal image produced by surface temperature perturbation of the workpiece material to a high emissivity material with which it is continuously brought in contact. The transferred thermal image may be observed by a suitable infrared device, resulting in a high radiance image with minimum reflectivity or variable emissivity noise. Numerical simulations, as well as experimental results, are presented.
Xavier P. Maldague, Xavier P. Maldague, Jean-Claude Krapez, Jean-Claude Krapez, Paolo G. Cielo, Paolo G. Cielo, } "Subsurface flaw detection in reflective materials by thermal transfer imaging," Optical Engineering 30(1), (1 January 1991). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.55760 . Submission:

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