1 November 1991 Automated complex testing of a 64:1 readout multiplexer for infrared focal planes
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A 64-channel readout device with a 64:1 multiplexer output, designed for use in cryogenic, infrared focal plane applications, is being tested extensively in a production environment. For the test system, an existing product was modified and expanded to provide the accuracy, flexibility, and throughput needed to meet test requirements. Unique test approaches, coupled with innovative throughput enhancement techniques, streamlined operations to allow automated testing of 500 devices per day on one test set with minimum operator intervention. Confidence in the quality and reliability of the deliverable product has also been increased. Creative software modules were designed and integrated with a standard software package (developed and refined over 5 yr of device testing), forming a test program that fulfills demanding test requirements. Additional benefits derived from this development effort include automated testing of packaged parts at both ambient and cryogenic temperatures, and reduced characterization test time for similar devices. Anticipated future improvements include custom redesign of the pipeline processor already present in the system architecture, and continued development to generalize the software package to allow swift reconfiguration for testing other readouts and hybrid arrays of varying size and performance.
Noel D. Jolivet, Noel D. Jolivet, Stanley A. Voynick, Stanley A. Voynick, } "Automated complex testing of a 64:1 readout multiplexer for infrared focal planes," Optical Engineering 30(11), (1 November 1991). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.55999 . Submission:

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