1 November 1991 Imaging with frequency-modulated reticles
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A novel imaging technique in which frequency-modulated retides encode different pixel locations by light modulation is presented. In this technique a reticle modulates different pixel locations at different frequencies, and photodetectors collect the resulting signals. Filters decode these signals to recreate the image on a display. The technique allows multiplexing many pixels onto a fewer number of detectors by utilizing the bandwidth of the detectors more effectively. Since frequency modulation creates an additional dimension for the detector, a single detector can function as a linear array, a linear array can function as a staring array, or the additional dimension can be used to convey spectral or other information. At wavelengths requiring expensive focal plane components, costs can be greatly reduced.
Jeffrey S. Sanders, Jeffrey S. Sanders, Ronald G. Driggers, Ronald G. Driggers, Carl E. Halford, Carl E. Halford, Steven T. Griffin, Steven T. Griffin, } "Imaging with frequency-modulated reticles," Optical Engineering 30(11), (1 November 1991). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.55994 . Submission:

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