1 June 1991 Hermetic splice overcoating
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During fusion splicing of hermetic carbon-coated silica fibers, the local carbon film is removed. A process to restore the carbon coating in the splice region is described. A CO2 laser is used to heat the silica surface locally, and the atmosphere of the bare section is controlled by a specially designed reaction chamber. An average strength of 2.91 GPa is realized in the carbon-overcoated region. A minimum n value of 165 is determined from dynamic fatigue measurements of carbon-overcoated splices. Furthermore, static fatigue measurements made in concentrated hydrofluoric acid solutions demonstrate the hermetic nature of this film. This process, therefore, offers a practical technique to overcoat spliced hermetic carbon-coated silica fibers.
Daryl Inniss, Daryl Inniss, John T. Krause, John T. Krause, "Hermetic splice overcoating," Optical Engineering 30(6), (1 June 1991). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.55861 . Submission:

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