1 July 1991 Practical system for time-resolved holographic interferometry
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An easily implemented and easily manageable system for timeresolved holographic interferometry is presented. The system consists of a multiple-pulsed Q-switched ruby laser and a rotating disk having radial slits with a constant angular separation. The disk is used to scan the reference beam along a holographic plate, thereby achieving spatial multiplexing. Since the influence on the beam is negligible and a single slit is illuminated by every laser pulse, there is no need for synchronization. The interferometric pattern is achieved by removing the disk and exposing a reference image on the holographic plate. The system may serve as an excellent tool for full-field dynamic measurements. A simple experiment has been performed showing a sequence of momentary interference patterns on a vibrating plate.
Torgny E. Carlsson, Torgny E. Carlsson, Bjorn Olle Nilsson, Bjorn Olle Nilsson, Jonny Gustafsson, Jonny Gustafsson, Nils H. Abramson, Nils H. Abramson, } "Practical system for time-resolved holographic interferometry," Optical Engineering 30(7), (1 July 1991). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.55878 . Submission:

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