1 August 1991 Further observations of vectorial effects in the x-ray photoemission from cesium iodide
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We present further data on the linear polarization sensitivity of Csl x-ray/UV photocathodes. A radical physical origin-"nonlocal" photoemission-is proposed for the x-ray vectorial effect. Predictions from a uniaxial photocathode model are compared with measurements of (1) relative pulse quantum yields, relative current quantum yields, and electron number distributions for both s- (electric vector perpendicular to the plane of incidence) and p- (E parallel to the plane of incidence) polarized soft x rays in the wavelength range 4.6-125 Å; and (2) relative current quantum yields from illumination by partially polarized, broadband UV radiation with a modal wavelength of 1550 Å. An origin seated in the polarimeter geometry is also proposed for the off-axis "phase shift" phenomenon reported in previous papers. The impact of these measurements on (1) an understanding of soft x-ray interactions with materials, and (2) the design and sensitivity of the Spectrum X-Gamma photoemission polarimeter is discussed; our future plans for the investigation of photocathode physics are outlined.
George W. Fraser, George W. Fraser, John Ernest Lees, John Ernest Lees, James F. Pearson, James F. Pearson, } "Further observations of vectorial effects in the x-ray photoemission from cesium iodide," Optical Engineering 30(8), (1 August 1991). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.55919 . Submission:

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