1 August 1991 Normal incidence soft x-ray telescopes
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Photos obtained during 5 mm of observation time from the flight of our 25-cm-diam normal-incidence soft x-ray (λ = 63.5 Å) telescope on September 11, 1989, are analyzed and the data are compared to the results expected from tests of the mirror surfaces. These tests cover a range of spatial periods from 25 cm to 1 Å. The photos demonstrate a resolution close to the photon shot noise limit and a reduction in the scattering of the multilayer mirror compared to a single surface for scattering angles above 1 arcmin, corresponding to surface irregularities with spatial penods below 10 μm. Our results are used to predict the possible performance of future telescopes: We conclude that sounding rocket observations might be able to reach a resolution around 0.1 arcsec. Higher resolutions will require flights of longer durations and improvements in mirror testing for the largest spatial periods.
Eberhard Adolf Spiller, R. McCorkle, Janusz S. Wilczynski, Leon Golub, George U. Nystrom, Peter Z. Takacs, Charles W. Welch, "Normal incidence soft x-ray telescopes," Optical Engineering 30(8), (1 August 1991). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.55915 . Submission:


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