1 January 1992 Injection efficiency of 8- to 14- μm hybrid focal plane arrays
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The injection efficiency of an 8- to 14-μm hybrid IR/CCD FPA is calculated from a transcendental equation involving the detector, CCD input currents, and the detector impedance Rd at the operating point. The latter has been varied either by changing the composition of x in the Hg1-x Cdx Te detector or by changing the tunneling current while x is kept constant. Calculations were carried out for both weak and strong inversion cases of the input MOSFET of the CCD. It is argued that for the 8- to 14-μm region, since the detector currents are high, operation of the input of the CCD in the strong inversion regime seems more reasonable.
Vikram Dhar, Vikram Dhar, Vishnu Gopal, Vishnu Gopal, R. K. Bhan, R. K. Bhan, K. C. Chhabra, K. C. Chhabra, } "Injection efficiency of 8- to 14- μm hybrid focal plane arrays," Optical Engineering 31(1), (1 January 1992). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.56046 . Submission:


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