1 January 1992 Packaging of glass waveguide silicon devices
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We demonstrate a technique that makes possible the robust packaging and interconnection of fiber pigtails to glass waveguide silicon devices. An integrated 19 x 19 star coupler, formed on a silicon substrate, is covered with a silica slab attached by means of a low-index epoxy. The slab both isolates the waveguides, which are just a few micrometers below the surface, from their surroundings and provides a means for attaching fiber connectors. Measurements of the performance of the star coupler before and after covering even show a slight (<0.5 dB) improvement for many of the waveguides due to the silica cover.
Herman M. Presby, Christopher A. Edwards, "Packaging of glass waveguide silicon devices," Optical Engineering 31(1), (1 January 1992). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.56043

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