1 October 1992 Close to collinear acousto-optical interaction in paratellurite
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First results on the investigation of close to collinear coustooptical interaction in paratellurite single crystals are presented. Anisotropic Bragg diffraction of light on ultrasound in TeO2 with a length of interaction of up to several centimeters is examined. A peculiarity of the interaction is optical beam propagation in the crystal collinearly with group velocity of ultrasound. It is shown and verified experimentally that the interaction is characterized by an extremely high selectivity of scattering. Some applications of the examined regime of diffraction are discussed.
Vitaly B. Voloshinov, "Close to collinear acousto-optical interaction in paratellurite," Optical Engineering 31(10), (1 October 1992). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.58877 . Submission:

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