1 November 1992 Short-wavelength imaging laser radar using a digicon detector
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532-nm direct-detection imaging laser radar using a prototype digicon receiver was constructed and has demonstrated rapid multiple retargeting over a wide field of regard, obtaining single-shot images with intensity and three-dimensional position data for each target. Such laser radar capability is important for discrimination and targeting. The digicon receiver system obtains 8 x 8 pixel images of multiple targets at a rate of 15 Hz. Each image provides both intensity and range-to-target at each pixel. Results of experiments involving seven targets located at various distances along a 60-m light tunnel are presented. Future directions discussed are acquisition and hand-off, tracking, long-range outdoor experiments (~ 1 km), and a 16 x 16 array digicon tube with magnification.
Suzanne C. Hiser, Gary Lee Trusty, Jerry A. Blodgett, Jeanne A. Welch, M. Gregg Roe, Thomas H. Cosden, Geoffrey T. Benedict-Hall, Robert O. Ginaven, Moojan Khazra, Erik Odeen, Joseph E. Page, Norman Swanberg, Frank D. Feiock, "Short-wavelength imaging laser radar using a digicon detector," Optical Engineering 31(11), (1 November 1992). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.59882


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