1 April 1992 Abnormal dispersion liquids
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The physicochemical principles of the abnormal dispersion liquids (ADiL) creation are determined here for the first time. These principles allow liquids required for practical tasks that have the following optical characteristics to be found: values of γg-e such that γg-e = (ng - ne)/(nF - nC), where λg = 435.8 nm, λF = 486.l nm, λe = 546.1 nm, and λC = 656.3 nm, and of v'e = (ne - 1 )/ng - nC. The studies carried out show that it is possible to synthesize ADiLs to be effectively used as the materials for scattering and for collecting lenses within a lens system.
Maria V. Petrova, Maria V. Petrova, Gury Timofeevic Petrovsky, Gury Timofeevic Petrovsky, Michael N. Tolstoy, Michael N. Tolstoy, Valeriy M. Volynkin, Valeriy M. Volynkin, } "Abnormal dispersion liquids," Optical Engineering 31(4), (1 April 1992). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.56125 . Submission:

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