1 June 1992 Bayesian/decision-feedback algorithm for blind adaptive equalization
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A new blind equalization algorithm is presented that incorporates a Bayesian channel estimator and a decision-feedback (DF) adaptive filter. The Bayesian algorithm operates as a preprocessor on the received signal to provide an initial estimate of the channel coefficients. It is an approximate maximum a posteriori (MAP) sequence estimator that generates reliable estimates of the transmitted symbols. These decisions are then filtered by an adaptive decision-feedback algorithm to further reduce the intersymbol interference. The new algorithm is more robustto catastrophic error propagation thanthe standard decision-feedback equalizer (DFE), with only a modest increase in the computational complexity.
K. Giridhar, K. Giridhar, John J. Shynk, John J. Shynk, Ronald A. Iltis, Ronald A. Iltis, } "Bayesian/decision-feedback algorithm for blind adaptive equalization," Optical Engineering 31(6), (1 June 1992). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.57513 . Submission:

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